Blue Eyed Honey Whites Tree Frog

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  • Litoria caerulea
  • Captive bred
  • Beautiful color morph of Whites Tree Frog with blue eyes and milky honey toned coloring
  • Well started juveniles with ravenous appetites and outgoing personalities
  • This unique morph can vary in color from milky green to brownish amber and everything in between
  • Please note: this is not the striking yellow Whites Tree Frog commonly referred to as the golden morph

11 reviews for Blue Eyed Honey Whites Tree Frog

  1. KellyG

    Amazing service and amazing quality frogs

  2. Willow Vega

    Amazing frogs and great service! I highly recommend.

  3. Kristian

    Gorgeous frogs and very great quality!

  4. Luis Serra

    Beautiful frogs purchased 2 one male one female beautiful animals with big appetites and can be hand fed which means they were well interacted with spencer answered all my questions and still tries to every chance he gets would definitely purchase from him again keep up the good work bro

  5. Stephany Vance

    I can’t express how amazing these frogs are. They came in perfect condition, absolutely beautiful, and are doing great. It shows in the frogs how much time and energy is out into them to make such a great frog. They immediately started eating and growing everyday. The customer service has been hands down amazing too. All my questions or concerns about my setup where answered and I was given advice to make them perfect. I won’t be getting my frogs anywhere else!

  6. T

    Such wonderful frogs and service. My honey blue eyed arrived safely and started eating and exploring right away. I even took her to the vet because I do annual wellness checks every year for my frogs regardless. The vet told me that she’s in tip top health and complimented her bright blue eyes. Spencer has been attentive and fast with responding to messages, concerns and needs which has been such a help. Thank you so much for such a high quality baby. 10/10. Sooo happy c:

  7. Q (verified owner)

    Came in happy and healthy. Voracious appetite, she started hunting down crickets as soon as I set them down for her. Beautiful coloring, active, and already pretty sociable.

  8. Alandria Franco (verified owner)

    Mine arrived very healthy and active. She is beautiful!
    Thank you so much!

  9. Chris Muenzner (verified owner)

    Great service and even better frogs! My blue eyed honey came in with some height white snowflakes and I can’t decide which I like better.

  10. M (verified owner)

    I got my frog a few months ago now so am late on this review but better late than never right? I ordered a blue eyed honey female and received exactly that. My package was delayed, a FedEx error, and I was worried about my frog spending extra time in transit, but she still arrived healthy and active. Months later and she is doing really well. I’ll be back for sure in the future when I’m ready for another froggy friend!

  11. Don Smith

    Big Fat and amazing and good frig

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